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Please join us in welcoming the Casa Grande Border Patrol Station’s Border Control Liaison Team as presenters for our Lunch and Learn on Wednesday, Novemeber 20, from 12pm-1pm, at our Workuity Biltmore location!

Presentation: BP101 is a presentation designed to inform the public of the Border Patrol’s Mission Statement to secure our nation’s borders. The Border Patrol works together with Office of Field Operations (Customs) and Air and Marine Office to regulate traffic at our nation’s borders. BP101 describes the immigration process. The presentation describes the fencing and infrastructure along the border. Also covered are the types of technology available to detect and arrest violators. Highlighted in the presentation are the humanitarian efforts to ensure safety for the general public, including rescue and medical assistance to anyone in need.

Bio: The Casa Grande Border Patrol Station’s Border Community Liaison (BCL) Team consists of four Border
Patrol Agents who have over 45 combined years of patrol experience. The BCL team participates in
community and school events, special interest group presentations, and serves as the CBP
representative to local and tribal governments.

The team’s mission is to promote the Border Patrol and create positive experiences within the
community. As awareness spreads, the public gains an understanding and appreciation for the security
and humanitarian efforts provided by patrolling our nation’s borders.

The Casa Grande Station consists of approximately 500 agents and patrols 44.2 miles of linear border on
the Tohono O’odham Nation, Southwest of Tucson. Casa Grande Agents also patrol and assist other Law
Enforcement Agencies within the Casa Grande and Phoenix metropolitan areas.

Complimentary Lunch Provided

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