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Still recording podcasts like a newbie? Not anymore!

Dial in your content quality with the right tools, in the right space. Our podcast studio’s are designed for those who are just starting and accommodates creators who have been recording for years. Simply book a time, follow the guide we made for you and click record. 


Two beautiful locations that offer times from 9-5.

It’s On Us:

You and your guests receive complimentary beverages and secure enterprise level wireless Internet

All The Essentials:

Our podcast rooms comes fully equipped with microphones, headphones, TV/monitor with HDMI connection and a RODECaster Pro Podcast Production board

Included Amenities:



  • Equipped with Microphones, Headphones, TV/monitor, RODECaster Pro
  • Secure, Consistent Internet.
  • Printer/Copier ($0.10/page b/w + $0.20 color)
  • Complimentary Beverages: Coffee, Tea, Filtered, Water, Beer and Wine. 

Podcast rooms are $50 per hour with everything included.

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Workuity offers extraordinary workspaces that combine the flexibility, community, and connectivity of a co-working facility with the sophistication that small businesses, entrepreneurs, and start-ups demand.
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