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Establishing an Executive Presence with Authenticity:

Eat, network, and learn with Akisha Holland and Chavon Green and Workuity!

Enjoy a complimentary lunch with Akisha and Chavon

An innovative effort to guide professionals and students through stagnating issues of leadership through storytelling and dialogue. This presentation shares the reality of the professional world through the eyes of a leader along with the results our services have yielded to others.

Audience members will learn how to interact with their students by learning a few professional teaching tactics we’ve taught to many successful instructors today which heavily relates to how effective their pedagogical strategies are. This workshop can be conducted in large or small group discussions. The audience will also learn about executive presence along with speaking techniques that will help keep students authentically engaged through a PowerPoint presentation, icebreakers and handouts. We will teach them systems that will deliver results and offer group coaching calls to provide professional development to individuals who desire to enhance their speaking capabilities to captivate audiences and engage students well enough that they’ll be to compete on a global scale.

“Effective leadership can be thought of as a set of qualities and skills. Different leaders may have different makeups, different strengths and challenges. But there are certain traits that lie at the core of leadership – the qualities that all great leaders share” (Daskal, 2018). The purpose of this session is to share the following: establishing an executive presence, integrating core values, focusing on goals and getting results. The presentation begins by describing leadership. The audience will have the chance to respond. For example, one question might be to describe the characteristics a leader should have. Our company shows our clients a variety of ways to achieve their optimum level of success through leadership, and we are excited to offer it to Lunch & Learn attendees, as well. We will briefly highlight talking points, such as: confidence, risk and accountability as well as the differences between a leader and a follower; open conversations with the attendees regarding their position on headship and regime is encouraged. Audience responses are collected and compared to responses collected from previous conferences and workshops. The presentation concludes by sharing data with the audience proving the effectiveness of our work along with various professionals within corporations, colleges and school systems. Lunch & Learn attendees will leave with a best practice model of leadership and many easy-to-apply tactics to help them reach their leadership capabilities.

The event will begin at 11:45 with a 15-minute meet and greet, and the presentation will begin at noon.

Parking: Free visitor parking is available above ground. However, when parking for more than one hour in the garage, visitor parking is $3.75/hr.